Joshua Marquez


At one point or another, you may have had a stroke of genius: a business idea that stopped you in your tracks.

There are plenty of things that can discourage budding entrepreneurs from following through with their business plans, but don’t let them bog you down. They’re hurdles, not limitations.

The current state of the economy isn’t helping matters. Record-high debt, low home ownership rates and mom-and-pop-shop-eating conglomerates are just a few of the roadblocks to starting a small business, according to lead economist Lucas Puente of Thumbtack, a search engine that indexes local professionals and services.

Perhaps the biggest inhibitor of starting a business is the idea of starting a business.

The best way to overcome that is to start now by breaking our large goal into piecemeal steps, according to the lectures and books by Dr. Tim Pychyl, an expert on procrastination.

He teaches that if we don’t feel like doing something now, unsurprisingly, we won’t feel like doing it tomorrow either (no matter how much we trick ourselves into believing it).

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